SPSite.Exists leaks SPSites

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The Sharepoint Object Model is a painful, leak-prone API to work with. Roger Lamb’s MSDN blog article is a great reference for deciding when you need to dispose of objects and when doing so will break things, but it’s necessity is pretty powerful evidence of how clunky disposal is implemented in this managed code API. […]

Don’t use generic domain names

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Ever since I started on my newest client’s project over a year ago, I’ve had problems with their VPN. When connected, I could no longer authenticate to remote Sharepoint or SQL servers on my local network (rending my VMs useless), name resolution would be fine for awhile and then stop resolving (making it a race […]

Trying out ANTS Profiler 4

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I got an email that ANTS Profile 4 was released, so I downloaded my upgrade and poked around with it this weekend. I haven’t given a good look at the new features list, but the performance improvements are very apparent when profiling. There is still some degradation of your app performance when profiling, but nothing […]