XML Namespaces

Martin Honnen is my hero for solving my XML namespace issue in my config file updater utility. We’re getting close to closing the automation loop now. Developers can check their changes into their dev branches and we automatically kick off an integration build for one of those branches. Once the developers merge down into trunk, an integration build will automatically kick off there too. TFS 2008’s CI stuff works painlessly here, even if it’s not that full-featured.

Once the build succeeds, QA can decide they want to deploy it to their test environment by changing the build quality to “Ready for Initial Testing”, at which point TFS Deployer does its magic. I’m now done with the little utility we can call after a deployment to update the web.config-like files to have test, final-test, or production settings depending on where we’re deploying to. I’m also almost done with some wrappers to upload assemblies to our servicehosts and custom task scheduling services we have. These will be a snap to integrate into TFS Deployer’s powershell scripts when they’re done.

The only major piece left is a utility that will interrogate the build’s changesets to determine what files changed and what corresponding assemblies and websites to deploy. Deploying everything wholesale would be a bit too cumbersome with the amount of projects we have.

Really happy to see all of this starting to come together.

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