Product Pimping (and pleading)

A while back, I got the opportunity to test out Hyperbac, a backup solution for SQL Server. I love pimping Hyperbac because it is dirt-cheap and has seamless integration with SQL 2005. Most third-party backup products required using extended stored procs to do backups, which killed my ability to use SQL 2005’s vastly improved maintenance plans. Hyperbac works with the native commands as it simply intercepts the write operations at the OS level based on the (completely customizable) file extensions you’re writing to. So just using a basic BACKUP DATABASE TO DISK command and specifying a filetype of .HBC would automatically compress the file. Hyperbac also supported backing up to standard .ZIP. So much nicer than the tools it replaces. Not sure why they’re not a bigger name in the backup/recovery market yet.

I started my new consulting gig. It’s cool getting to just focus on one project and just grind away at it. One of the issues our client wants fixed is memory bloat. The app just consumes gobs of memory, even when not seeming to do anything. I downloaded a copy of ANTS Profiler and once I found the call stack window, I was able to dig into what was going on in about two hours, whereas I had been stumbling around for a good day or so with no results prior. It’s pretty reasonably priced ($495/license for Pro), but unfortunately I’m still in start-up mode where “food and shelter” takes precedence. If any rich people that stumble across this want to buy a copy for me before my trial runs out, I’m about $492 shy:

Your kindness will not be easily forgotten. Red Gate rocks!

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