DTS to SSIS migration

I’ve been working the past few weekends on migrating DTS packages off our dying, 8-year old SQL2000 server over to new SSIS packages. The performance is markedly improved, often over 50% faster with SSIS for a single datapump task. The DTS-to-SSIS migration wizard is also working remarkably better than I expected, even for some of our more complex packages.

Other DTSes we’ve put together that regularly email out Excel spreadsheets to business users have been migrated to the internal SSRS portal with predefined email subscriptions. Users seem really excited about being able to just go to a website and get their data.

Not having to constantly deal with the day-to-day CM/DBA stuff is leaving me lots of time to explore this cool stuff we’ve been sitting on since the migration from SQL2000 to SQL2005. I wish I’d gotten a chance to play with it sooner.

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