Error 1079 and 1006 after an AD domain rename

After having some DNS forwarding issues with my internal dev domain and my external domain name, I decided to rename it from to dev.local.

Renaming an AD domain isn’t as big a deal as most people make it out to be.  The rendom.exe command takes care of most everything for you.  I did all the usual rendom /list, rendom /upload, rendom /prepare, and finally rendom /execute to actually kick off the domain rename.

I noticed after rebooting the DC, it hung for a very long time at “Applying Computer Settings…”.  I had the same issue with my lappy after joining it to the new domain, it would hang at “Applying Computer Settings…” during boot.  I kept seeing 1079 and 1006 errors in the event log.  gpupdate.exe showed that my group policies were refusing to apply.  dcdiag.exe spewed back more of the same.  Out of desperation I tried reloading the gpo schema with dcgpofix.exe but still had the same issue.

In the end, I realized I forgot to actually FINISH the domain rename.  A quick rendom /end, gpfixup, and rendom /clean and everything worked like magic again.  So in case you’re dumb like me and forget to complete the rename, there ya go…

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