Windows 7 Wake From Sleep issue and workaround

Playing with Windows 7 the last few weeks, I’ve found that my laptop refused to wake from sleep. The display alternated between not even powering back on and powering on but remaining black with a non-responsive mouse cursor. The only way to recover was to hard-power Lappy off and back on. This seems especially prevalent on Intel 945 chipset displays.

The only workaround I’ve found for now is to turn off sleeping completely and instead use hibernate. I’ve had no problems powering back on from hibernate so far, it only takes about 20 seconds to do with Windows 7 on my system, and doesn’t drain your battery like sleep does.

The updated Intel 945 driver released today through Windows Update did not fix Wake From Sleep yet. Hopefully it’s an issue that will be addressed before RTM.

3 thoughts on “Windows 7 Wake From Sleep issue and workaround

  1. Well on my desktop I had a similar issue waking up from sleep. I would instead just get a blank screen. I could hear that the computer is on but the monitor was blank. I did have graphic card issues from the initial install so I thought that might be the problem, but it wasn’t.

    Instead maybe you should try disabling the ‘wake on lan’ feature for you network card. That seemed to do the trick for me.

    Just go to the Device Manager, Network Adapters, Properties, and uncheck ‘Allow this device to wake the computer’.

  2. Elvin, my issued turned out to be a bug they resolved in later builds (worked starting with 7057, I believe). RTM doesn’t have the issue at all anymore either, with or without WoL enabled.

    Thanks for the tip though, that will be another troubleshooting step for future sleep issues!

  3. a1smith, that was brilliant, thanks!

    I did not have to disable the various wake on lan features, just the last one having to do with the Realtek network adapter slowing down after waking from sleep. There were three options: slow down to 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or do not slow down (the actual options were listed in German). Choosing the 3rd option solved the problem.

    Couldn't be happier, thx again!

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