PluralSight’s On-Demand training library

The next phase of the project I’m on will likely move us from .NET Remoting to WCF services. I wanted to get a quick introduction to WCF beyond the basic user-group sessions I found online. I eventually noticed that that as a BizSpark start-up, I had a code for a free month of access to Pluralsight’s on-demand training library among my listed MSDN benefits.

I signed up and started on their very in-depth 15-hour course on the fundamentals of WCF. So far, these courses are fantastic and if the rest of their library is of the same caliber, this seems like a goldmine of useful information. In the first two hours alone, most of the questions I had on what we’d need to do to drop WCF in to replace .NET Remoting have been answered. The questions that have come up while watching (can I keep my existing domain objects?) or spots where I thought the code was sloppy (why is the channel being closed before the async call completes?) were addressed and were part of the curriculum.

The only downside is the cost is too high for me ($500/yr to stream the content, $1000/yr if you want to download). If you can get your company to spring for a subscription though, Pluralsight’s much cheaper (and much more valuable and less inconvenient, in my opinion) than a 5-day classroom training session.

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