RavenDB Management Studio queries lock up with “This is taking longer than usual” on Chrome

While running queries via the RavenDB Management Studio web interface, we kept seeing “This is taking longer than usual” pop-ups.

raven-taking-longer-popup Once we received this pop-up, no other actions were possible and the Management Studio interface never recovered. The only solution was to reload the page. Oddly enough at first, the issue was only observed in Chrome. Neither Firefox nor Edge exhibited the same behavior. As we dug in more, we found that scrolling through the results, which loads results asynchronously as you scroll, seemed to trigger the behavior.

After some trial and error, we found that Chrome’s Smooth Scrolling feature seems to be the culprit. Disabling Smooth Scrolling in chrome://flags and relaunching Chrome has resolved the issue for us. If you’re seeing this pop-up repeatedly while scrolling through Raven Mgmt Studio query results in Chrome, try disabling Smooth Scrolling.

All better? Still seeing the issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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