Secure Web API with Azure AD and Azure API Management

I was recently trying to get an Azure AD-secured Web API working with API Management. TheĀ best documentation I could find was created several years ago using the old Azure Portal and API Management Publisher Portal. I decided post an updated version using as much of the new Azure portalĀ as possible. The video covers creating a sample API app integrated with Azure AD, deploying and importing the API into API Management, and then setting up API Management Developer Portal authentication using Azure AD.

3 thoughts on “Secure Web API with Azure AD and Azure API Management

  1. Probably the best tutorial on the net. I do wish there were an explanation on how to add this to an existing web api app that was built with anonymous access.

  2. Hey I realized you posted this last year. I think they have made some more updates that perhaps lessen the need for the old publisher portal, but still not quite there. This configuration does not require that users that actually consume my apis be added to the AAD that we configure in this process correct? This was just so that we can test the API in the portal and so that Azure API Management has the capability to call into our WebApi BackEnd? Where are we specifying what user the API management process has to use in order to get “Authorized” when making those API calls?

  3. Awesome video
    I have just started my journey into Azure and need to develop a POC. I have read a lot of material and this video captures all to get started and understand


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